Welcome to the Model Boat Club of NSW.

The Model Boat Club of NSW has a long history it was originally established in 1965 and ran at Kippax Lake, members ran boats such as cabin cruisers which were mostly petrol powered although some were electric.

In 1973 Nitro engines became much more present and with the new breed of crystal radios available multi boat racing was introduced. This was also the year that the first AMPBA nationals were held.

In 1974 Model Boat Club of NSW members took part in the AMPBA nationals and have taken part in every nationals event since.

In 1975 the club changed its name and was to be known as the Sydney Model Boat Club and held its first AMPBA nationals event at Kippax Lake.

Things ran very much the same until the early 80’s when the club moved from Kippax Lake in Moore Park to Chipping Norton. It was around this time that the club started running oval events as well as multi boat racing.

The club then moved from Chipping Norton to Silverwater Speedboat Club and by this time oval racing had taken over from multi boat racing.

After racing at the Silverwater for some time the club again was on the move this time moving to Oran Park where oval and Indy racing were the main forms of racing. 1/8th scale hydroplanes were introduced and competitors from all clubs began to fight it out for the perpetual Gold Cup trophy.

The Sydney Model Boat Club split in 1995 and the Model Boat Club of NSW was reformed. The club had a new home at Cables ski park in Penrith where it would stay for the next 6 years. While at Cables the club’s annual even the Winter Spectacular was created and club held the AMPBA nationals in 1999.

2001 saw the Model Boat Club of NSW move to the Sydney International Regatta Centre where it still calls home today.

Since moving to the Regatta the club has held Nationals events in 2002 and 2009. The annual Winter Spectacular has been run every year since its creation and continues to be a popular event on the calendar. In 2008 the club hosted the World Oval Challenge which saw competitors from all Australian clubs complete against model boaters who had travelled from New Zealand and the USA.

The clubs current home in Detention Pond D and is regarded as some of the best water in the world for model boating due to consistently smooth conditions. These conditions have seen smaller nitro classes and now electric classes take off while the larger petrol and nitro classes thrive in the water conditions.

Please check our calendar for our next event and feel free to come and visit us.