Driver Registration Form

You can also load the above form on your mobile device using the QR Code below.

HOW to use:

  1. Simply initiate the camera on your mobile phone
  2. Move it in front of the QR code so that you see it focus on the QR code and automatically an Open box will appear on your screen, either in the top or bottom section depending on brand of phone. When the box appears you are free to move away from of the QR Code, it will stay on your screen until you TAP it to open the application.
  3. You will be redirected to our web site and the registration form will then appear ready for you to fill in all of your required details.
  4. If you are a Visitor you only need to fill in your personal details, the visitor check box and Covid19 questions and then tap Submit.
  5. If you are an AMPBA member you must tap the Submit button to record your details and pay your entry fee. If you are having trouble you can email the committee for help at Or ring a member or friend who may know what to do.

Your form will be automatically emailed to the committee for safe secure storage for 28 days, as per NSW government health regulations. Your information is kept in a secure, private folder and will never be shown or given to anybody except NSW Health, if requested due to a Codid19 alert. All person details of visitors will be deleted periodically.

Thank you and enjoy your time with us.