Operating Procedures

Model Boat Club of NSW Operating Procedures

  1. At all times when operating model boats, each driver MUST ensure they have the ‘right’ to use the RADIO FREQUENCY each is operating on. A FREQUENCY BOARD must be present and used. Drivers may NOT turn their radio equipment ON unless their name is indicated on the correct frequency on the frequency board. If the frequency is in use, drivers must wait their turn for the right to that frequency. This procedure is to eliminate the chance of any radio interference from drivers operating on the same frequencies. Having secured the right to their frequency, all drivers will check the operation of their radio and model prior to launching the craft.
  2. No boat to be started in the general pit area with the propeller fitted. No boat is to be started and carried through the pit area to the water. The ‘General Pit Area’ is defined as any area outside the designated ‘Launch Area’. If you want to start your boat in your tent, REMOVE THE PROP. When you want to run, start and launch your boat from the launch area only.
  3. The Australian Model Power Boating Association National Noise Limit – 80dbA @ 40mts – will be enforced and craft exceeding this limit must be removed from the water until it can be demonstrated that the limit can be complied with.
  4. Only the Driver and their Pit Assistant will be allowed in the launch area and then only to start and launch their boat. No spectators are permitted in the launch area. All members are required to be vigilant and ask any spectators, politely, to leave the launch area in the interests of their own safety.
  5. When the Drivers Stand is in use, all Drivers MUST be in position on the stand and their boat MUST be started by their Pit Assistant. Drivers are not permitted to start their own boat and walk or run up to their position on the stand. There is to be NO RUNNING in the pit area.
  6. No driver will launch his own boat. A Pit Assistant MUST be used to launch all boats, including practice.
  7. Boats must only be started on the tables provided in the launch area. No boats will be started on the ground. This includes Petrol Boats.
  8. All drivers and their Pit Assistants MUST wear enclosed shoes – NO THONGS.
  9. All petrol Fuel cans MUST be stored under the drivers stand in the designated area. No fuel (petrol) is to be left in the general pit area (your tent). All refuelling MUST be conducted in front of the drivers stand. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.
  10. The Drivers Stand and the immediate surrounding area is designated a NO SMOKING AREA. All members are to be vigilant and ensure this directive is followed by all members and the general public.
  11. Only members are allowed to operate or travel in the retrieve boat. No children under the age of 16 are permitted in the retrieve boat unless licensed by NSW Maritime.
  12. All tents, canopies or shade devices must be adequately anchored to prevent them being blown away by wind.
  13.  Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the pit area and drivers stand. No competitor or pit assistant may consume alcohol until the finish of their day’s events. Any driver found drinking will be disqualified from the entire race event.
  14. Safety is the primary concern, at all times, while operating and racing model boats. Should any craft not be under the complete control of a driver, the boat will be removed from the water until it can be demonstrated that any problem has been rectified. Every driver is charged with the responsibility of ensuring our sport is conducted with due regard to all safety issues.
  15. If needed, a First Aid Kit is stored in the drivers stand.